by Liz

I’m sitting in the sand of a gorge, a wilderness ofwater, cranes, squawking cockatoos, buzzing, crocodiles and the presence of humans. I’m thinking about the wildness of mind as a huge flying wasp/bee/insect circles the group, buzzing heavily. Wild minds , set free on the page, taking us into the unexpected, the destination unknown until we set off.

I need courage to set off today. Other times I’m leaping down that pathway, at one with my mind, delighting and confident in the unexpected turns, caves and heights. Standing at the top of the wild gorge, surveying the view, the meandering of the green water, the crocodile eyes. I’m free, fearless, at home in my skin. Lightfooted with the ease of a gazelle-like spring. Eager.

Then, out of nowhere I’m in the fog. The air becomes stifling, icy, thick. Danger.

Breathe into this.

Wait till the fog clears.

A shaft of sunlight reveals the view below.