Write Stories from Your Life

In 2016, take the time to write the stories of your life.

Begins 22 February 2016 – 10 lessons plus conference call with each lesson

The Write Stories from Your Life course takes you on a journey through the ordinary and extraordinary moments of your life to create a collection of significant stories for yourself, your family, and loved ones. It’s magical!  A beautiful family heirloom.

How the online course works

Lessons are sent fortnightly by email or post. Each lesson is complemented with an hour long conference call with the facilitator and one or two other participants.

The lessons offer several different writing tasks as well as ways to access memory plus hints and tips that allow you to write and unfold your stories with ease. The calls give you the opportunity to have your stories heard and to receive feedback.

The lessons move you through your childhood and adult life as well as writing about lifetime themes such as faith, relationships, parenting, travel, mentors and education etc.

Storyworks participants from Perth to Townsville, from Dublin to Toronto have found it easy to become part of the delightful and appreciative community of life writers.

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  • Fee $490.00 for 10 lessons
  • Additional written feedback $310 for 10 lessons

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Write the Stories of Your Life

"The exercises were well thought out, effective. Feedback was prompt, interesting and helpful. It was such a powerful reminder of the universality of human experiences and concerns."
- Participant 2010

“I feel this course has been so worthwhile. I knew there was stuff to write out, but I needed this structure and time to organise it - and the constant checking in with conference calls to keep me motivated. I want to hear everyone else’s story,”
- Participant