Pick Up the Pen: Write, Explore, Discover Stories of  Now

Begins 23rd March 2015

This course will inspire and take you further into your love of life-writing.

  • Email lessons sent monthly over 6 months and conference call every month.
  • Full fee only $390
  • Written feedback for selected exercises is an additional $250

The focus is on the big and small moments of your current life. We will explore the territory where the internal world meets the external. How our stories become the source of our learning and wisdom.

The stories will come from jump-starts using poetry, quotes and questions around matters such as:

How are my values being expressed in my life today? What is important to me now?
What do I feel and think about…the environment? Water shortages? Spirituality? Racism? Global warming? Life?

The exercises are thought provoking giving you the chance to reflect on how you are living your life now.

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Feedback from this Course

"This has been a wonderful course. Challenging, profound and revealing! And I'm sure the lessons will continue to unfold over the coming months."
- Participant 2006

"This course is a good affirmation of one's life and journey towards seeking meaningful lives… It was a very enlightening experience for me."
- Participant