Camp Toilet

by Heather

Corrugated iron
Hut-like painted gray.
This is our camp dunny
I visit every day.

First I check the gap
Underneath the wall.
For a pair of human feet
That might occupy the stall.

Pulling back the bolt
And wrenching forth the door.
I check up high for spiders
And ants upon the floor.

One morning froggy greeted me
Smiling green with pride.
Swimming in the water
Then sticking to the side.

The next time her had moved
To avoid a sudden flash.
And watched from close by
Stuck to the toilet brush.

I sat and did my business
Trousers at my feet.
He jumped onto my neck
Then moved to share the seat.

I let out a feeble holler
And then a muffled squeak.
When you go off to the dunny
You don’t know who you’ll meet