About Storyworks

Let me tell you a story…

When we hear these words they spark anticipation no matter what our age. What is it about a story that enthralls and captivates us? Why do we love them so? Why do we repeat them over and over again? It is because life is a perpetual sequence of stories – of accomplishment and set-back, of surprise ‘endings’ and twists of fate, of change and simple pleasures.

Why tell your story?

Because in the telling,

  • you gain insight about the big and the simple events of your life.
  • your compassion expands and you recognize your kinship with others.
  • you encourage and teach others from your own experience
  • you strengthen the bonds of family and community identity.
  • you increasingly understand your unique purpose and value.

In the telling, you experience that you are the creative author of the story only you can live and tell. This is what Storyworks is all about: helping individuals and groups unearth and chronicle their stories. Bridget Brandon the founder of Storyworks has developed the courses over the last 11 years. Writing skills are not required. They evolve in the Storyworks process. You will develop a rhythm of writing, reading, and listening using ‘provocations’ and timed writing exercises to get your pen onto the page and keep it flowing.

Who are Storyworks courses for?

Anyone who:

  • has an interest in telling and documenting their own story, and
  • who wants to acquire the skills to do so
  • would like clarity and perspective about the events of their life
  • wants to give their family or friends the gift of knowing about them and the times they’ve lived through
  • loves exploring their story through writing.

What outcomes can you expect?

You will:

  • gain confidence in writing
  • develop your listening, interviewing and story telling skills
  • create a record of your life in the media of your choice
  • gain appreciation of life’s mystery by listening to other people’s stories and valuing your own story.

Find out about the founder and facilitator of Storyworks courses, Bridget Brandon …

Bridget Brandon: The Founder of Storyworks

Founder and facilitator Bridget Brandon

Founder and facilitator Bridget Brandon

My passion is bringing people forward, allowing them to step into their own creativity, their own life purpose and building up a sense of community.

says Bridget Brandon, founder of Storyworks. Bridget Brandon (B.A. New Zealand Dip Civ. Sorbonne) is fuelled by a strong desire to bring out the creativity, fun and adventurous spirit in others. In her own life she maintains a balance between inner work, through meditation, and outer work, through creativity. She has lived in a monastery, been a theatre performer and raised a child. Bridget Brandon is an artist, a teacher, an actor, an entrepreneur, a mother. She has pursued a meditation practice for 20 years. Her working life has led her around the world from New Zealand as the Coordinator of Community Volunteers, to Paris in the diplomatic corps. From 1980-1992 Bridget co-founded and directed the Drama Action Centre in Sydney, a unique drama training programme for professionals and non-professionals. She has taught and performed extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The Story Behind Storyworks

What is the story behind Storyworks? Bridget Brandon, founder of Storyworks, tells it this way:

In 1992 both my parents died within five months of each other. One of the things that hit me hard was realizing how little I really knew about them, what their dreams and hopes were, what gave them joy, what their childhood was like, how they handled challenges. Now, their stories were gone forever. In 1996 I had major brain surgery. Face to face with my own mortality, I realized that my stories, too, would be lost if I didn’t uncover and share them. For several years, I had lived in a meditation retreat site studying Eastern philosophy and learned about the importance of contemplating the purpose and value of my life that is contained in the little and big stories that are happening all the time.

This prompted Bridget in 1998 to establish Storyworks as a way of bringing people together to tell the stories of their life allowing them to recognize and respect everyone’s unique creativity and purpose.

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